About cellomondo

„In my project cellomondo, I want to share my fascination with the diversity of musical individuality.
It´s exciting to move through a multitude of sound worlds, to learn the mother tongue of many composers and to tell their stories to the audience.”
(Katharina Gross – Austrian/Dutch cellist and performer, founder of cellomondo)

cellomondo asks (young) composers from different countries of the world to write for cello solo or for cello & electronics. The composers create works which reflect the richness of their individual background/origin as well as the expressive power of the instrument cello.
cellomondo boldly envisions to realize cello works by at least two composers from each country of the world.
„If I succeed, 388 (or more!) new pieces will have been realized... „

cellomondo edition/CD #1 Persistent Memory was named after the very first piece of the project by Korean composer Seung-Won Oh. Brazilian/French composer Aurélio Edler-Copes’ work Rebirth in Sound is name giver of the second cellomondo edition/CD.