About cellomondo

In my project cellomondo, I want to share my fascination with the diversity of musical individuality."

Katharina Gross, cellist



cellomondo: the excitement of moving through a multitude of sound worlds, of music from all around the globe. To learn the mother tongue of many composers and to tell their stories to the audience.


My collaboration with the Korean composer Seung-Won Oh, who wrote for me in 2013 the solo piece Persistent Memory, was the starting point of my project cellomondo, in which I realize new pieces from a growing number of countries around the world.

From each country, a composer and one of his/her composition students write a cello solo piece for me, with or without electronics. In the range of pieces created by all those composers, the richness of their individual background as well as the expressive power of the cello are used to their full extent.

The cello is an instrument which is said to come close to the human voice. It is in any case an instrument which easily speaks to the audience. It is therefore well suited to articulate and convey the language of many composers.

This is the start of a project which boldly envisions to include composers from all countries. If I succeed, 388 new pieces will have been realized...